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Yelp Treats Users to Secret Menus


Yelpers in Chicago and DC have a reason to celebrate (and use their Yelp app) – “Order the Yelp” is happening this month!

This is a fun event hosted by Yelp, the well known and well used review site. During the event, restaurants local to the area will offer secret menus at a 50% discount, which is only available to those who check in via the Yelp app.

According to a recent Chicago article, there are many new and secret items being showcased. From the article:

As part of the “Order The Yelp,” 50 restaurants will offer new, never-before-seen items for their menus. These include Mongo Mousse and Mango Ice Cream at Artango Steakhouse, Yelp Steak N’ Fry Pizza at Dimo’s, George’s Feta Dog at George’s Hot Dogs, A Double Decker Yelp Lamb Shammi Burger at Hakka Bakka, The Check In Sandwich at Pastoral, Tsukemen Yelp Ramen at Strings and 5 Star Yelp Balls at Yum Dum Food Truck!

Chicago’s “Order the Yelp” event goes through June 17th and it looks like the Washington DC Metro is hosting a similar event through June 30th.

This is a win-win situation for restaurants and customers. Restaurants can increase business by offering secret menu items, which will in turn increase the restaurant buzz. Because customers need to check in with their Yelp app, they may be more inclined to talk about the restaurant. Customers, on the other hand, are getting first shot at new menu items and a nice discount for their patronage.

Is your restaurant active on Yelp? Even if you’re not, it’s likely your customers are. Take a look at claiming your business on Yelp and using the site as another way to gain followers. Who knows – maybe next time your restaurant can participate in “Order the Yelp.”