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Three Ways to Kill Customer Feedback Responses




Do you want your receipt? While traveling recently, I stopped into a good fast casual burger place for lunch. After placing my order, I was asked by the cashier if I wanted my receipt. I said no, as I always do when I am offered this. It ends up getting stuffed in a coat pocket never to be seen again! However, while I was dining in I noticed invitations to take a survey with signage throughout.

How much different could that transaction have gone if the cashier did not give me the option of a receipt and instead circled it with a red pen and verbally invited me to take the survey? The odds would certainly increase, especially since I was dining alone and might have taken the survey out of boredom alone.

Question Design- Asking the questions in a way that makes it difficult for the respondent to understand is a definite killer and leads to survey abandonment. Carefully design your survey and don’t be afraid to change it up from time to time.

Incentive to take the survey. The majority of consumers today suffer from survey fatigue. That is strike one. Strike two is that they don’t always believe they will be entered into a contest to win a $1,000.00 gift card. Strike three is no offer at all. Doesn’t brand XYZ value my time?

Subway is one of the restaurants who gets it right! How much is that cookie costing Subway? Maybe $.25 and it gets the customer to come back. How much better can it be? Letting the customer know it will only take a minute is another plus to this invitation.