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The Many Faces of Customer Feedback


Customer feedback can be challenging to get, and customer reviews are sometimes even more challenging. I came across a pretty neat way Roto-Rooter encouraged customers to provide feedback and leave reviews.


First, they offered a promotion that was pretty tempting – post a review online and the customer would be entered into a drawing to have their services paid for. As this can be a costly service, the offer is quite tempting.


The company goes a step further and offers clear and simple instructions for customers to submit reviews. They give step by step instructions on what search terms to use in Google to pull up the location, where to find the link on the search result to provide feedback, and how to do this.


They also offer similar instructions for Twitter and Facebook. Is a customer in a hurry and doesn’t have time to read through the entire instruction set? No problem – they offered a QR code for customers to easily connect on both social media sites, with “write a review’ information readily available.


The combination of a tempting promotion and multiple ways for customers to leave feedback where they are most comfortable sets the stage for a successful campaign. This is a great example of encouraging customer feedback.