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When Customers Test New Products: The $800 McDonald’s Burger


This is what an $800 McDonald’s burger looks like:

800 burger

Well, actually, it ended up costing around $24.00.


McDonald’s recently launched new, upscale “build your own burger” kiosks to cater to those who love burgers and even McDonald’s, but prefer an upscale experience. The kiosk allows customers to build their own burger, adding a variety of toppings and extras as they please.


One customer decided to test the system to see what would happen. In the video below, you will see the customer’s order as it is placed – he decided to see how far he could “push” the system, learning more about how much you can really add to the burger.


After maxing out on all of the possible options, he went to the counter and received his total – $890.00. The look on the cashier’s face is priceless. It appears that, not only did the customer test the limits of the kiosk, but he also uncovered a pricing glitch. The actual total came to just around $24.00.


Customers love to try new things and some will even see how far they can go with new apps, programs, and features. This is a fun Friday example – enjoy!