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Celebrate Your Employees


Here’s a fun way, where possible, to celebrate employee milestones. Of course, this won’t work for every business model, but it’s something to think about and tweak to fit your needs, as it’s a fun, simple way to call out employees while evoking a positive environment for your customers.

I was recently shopping at a major grocery chain when I heard an announcement, “Attention shoppers. We’d like to bring to your attention someone very special to our team. John Smith is celebrating his 5th anniversary with us. If you stop by the meat department, please wish him a Happy Anniversary. Thanks for all you do John!”


It made me smile and I thought it was a great way to acknowledge this gentleman.


Then, over the next several minutes, there were a few more announcements, this time by employees. Some simply wished him a Happy Anniversary over the PA system, while others also said how they enjoyed working with him, he’s a great person, and other short, similar sentiments.


It was not disruptive in any way, and it gave me a positive feeling during my shopping experience. As I continued shopping, I watched for other customer reactions, and all were the same – some smiled during the announcements, and I overheard one couple talking about heading back to the meat department to wish him a Happy Anniversary because it’d be “fun to do.”


Such a simple thing, but an effective way of building employee morale and customer satisfaction, all in one.




Author: Ann Michaels & Associates

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