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About Ann Michaels & Associates


Welcome to our blog! We’re glad you’re here, and hope you come back often to check in on our latest postings…


Just to tell you a bit about our company….Ann Michaels & Associates launched in 1998 as a mystery shopping provider. Soon after, the company expanded offerings to include customer and employee feedback services. In 2007, social media monitoring services were launched, closely followed by social media marketing programs.


Most recently, the company launched a real time, in the moment engagement console to allow companies to engage with customers while they are in their place of business. This console allows for marketing opportunities, feedback and consumer insights, and social media engagement. Mobile surveys can be incorporated with this platform as well, giving customers an easy way to interact with a business.

We know you have questions, so let’s start with the basics….


1. Who is Ann Michaels?

When potential clients call us, they are hoping to get Ann on the phone. but that won’t happen. Kathy, the President, has two children, and their middle names are “Ann” and “Michael.” Sweet, huh?


2.  Where are you located?

We started in Naperville, Illinois back in 1998, and expanded into the Charlotte area in 2010. While we have two offices to serve our clients better, we work with companies across North America.


3. Do you work with a specific industry?

Heck no – that would make our work boring! Seriously though, we don’t limit our work to one or two industries, and we work with companies of all sizes. The benefit of not focusing on a particular industry revolves around bringing our expertise and experience with a wide range of industries to the table, allowing us the opportunity to share that knowledge with our new clients in order to share ideas and make their programs a true success.


4. How do you help us determine what types of programs and services are right for us?

Every client is different, and we work off the premise that you have to measure what you train. With that in mind, we like to talk with potential clients to learn more about their goals and expectations, as well as their history in customer experience management. From there we can help you create a program that will best fit your company and give you the outcome needed to be truly successful in your efforts. There are so many methods of capturing your customers’ opinions, thoughts, and satisfaction, so we want to give you the most comprehensive programming possible.


Do you have your own questions? We welcome any questions you might have – we’re always happy to help. You can learn more about us through our website or you can send us an email. We’ll respond to all inquiries within 24 hours. You can also reach us toll free at 866-703-8238.


Thanks for visiting! Please come back soon!



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