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Olive Garden Gets Creative – Free Babysitting


In a possible attempt to drive customers to Olive Garden as they promote their new “2 for $25” menu, the company has gotten creative in its efforts. On February 7th, Olive Garden will be offering free babysitting for customers between 6pm and 9pm. It looks like they have partnered with My Gym, a children’s fitness chain, to make this offer to customers.


Customers can make a reservation to have their child watched at a local MyGym while they dine at Olive Garden. When they return, they simply need to show their Olive Garden receipt and there will be no charge for the babysitting services.


While this will likely drive customers to visit Olive Garden that night – after all, what parents of young children don’t want a night out, especially one that doesn’t cost extra for sitters – I’m not sure how effective it will be in promoting their “2 for $25” special. However, that being said, I do think it’s a creative tool to drive traffic and increase the buzz about the restaurant, as it is a unique offering.


I could be wrong, and perhaps the “2 for $25” deal will be successful. Parents may see this as an inexpensive date night, or much needed dinner out. And they may even remember this special, which really is a pretty good deal, the next time they are looking for a meal out.


Hopefully the menu items and promotion are a big enough success that those who visit on the 7th will see this promotion valuable enough to visit again, even if it means paying a sitter.


Kudos to Olive Garden for trying something new and interesting. It definitely gets people talking, and could be an effective driver of traffic that evening.