When Customer Feedback Catches What’s Falling Through the Cracks – Update


Last week I shared a personal story about an experience I had with a major retailer, as it illustrated a great way for follow up on feedback can catch what might be falling through the cracks when it comes to customer issues/complaints. You can read the entire story here before you read the update on my experience….


As I left it, I had received a feedback survey via email asking about my experience with the customer service rep. Unfortunately, I had not had an experience because my inquiry went unanswered. I completed the feedback survey and explained the entire situation. I was hopeful that someone would read this and help me out.


Unfortunately, as of today, I have not gotten any type of response, and my issue remains unresolved. However, I have received several emails from the company, alerting me to specials, new products, and other promotional material.


I guess this is one issue that will go unresolved. I’m left to wonder if there are people on the other side reading the responses to the feedback surveys, or if this is just too busy of a time for them to properly staff that department. Perhaps they only look at the quantitative data without reading the comments? At any rate, it’s been an interesting experience, and one that drives home my point about using follow up with feedback/inquiries/complaints to make sure there are no issues going unresolved. This is a good example of what can happen if there is no quality control in place within a customer feedback department, and a good reminder for companies to continually review their processes in this area.



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