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QR Meets QC


QR codes are generally considered to be used for offering additional information, making the public aware of upcoming events, and even customer satisfaction surveys. They are easy to launch and allows the customer to keep the information on their phone long after they’ve scanned the QR code.


Another emerging use for QR codes is to gauge quality control related to services. One example is with shipment of products – what happens when a package arrives that is damaged, partially opened, etc? The customer may or may not call to report the issue. If they call, it may take a bit of information gathering to report the issue. If they don’t call, there is a bigger issue – you’ll never know there is a problem.


QR codes that offer image upload capabilities can make the process more efficient. Customers with damaged goods can quickly scan the QR code, which starts an incident report. The customer can take a picture of their shipment and upload it to the report, along with pertinent information to track the order.


Making the process easier will give you more rich insight into shipment processes and make the process better for your customers.


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