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When It Comes To Car Rental, Enterprise is Tops



A new report from JD Powers & Associates 2012 North America Rental Car Satisfaction Study  shows that Enterprise took top honors this year.  This study focuses on six aspects of the customer experience as it relates to this industry:


    • Cost & fees


    • Pick up process


    • The return process


    • The car/van rented


    • Shuttle bus availability/quality


    • The reservation process


Of the six, all areas showed improvement this year, with the exception of the reservations process, which dropped slightly compared to last year’s results.


What makes Enterprise perform better than their competition? When I first read this article, I immediately thought of a recent blog post that talked about Enterprise’s new commercial and how the company wants to empower their employees to resolve issues without needing to confer, consult, or wait on someone else for help. This may be one of the factors that brought them to the top of the list.


Customer service, even sometimes as simple as a smile and friendly greeting, can go a long way in a customer’s perception of your business.