Some Commercials Should Never Be Aired


Let’s face it – sometimes even negative buzz is good buzz for companies, and really bad commercials can do the trick. Take, for instance, the new Old Spice Commercial….



Definitely got people talking, and it’s pretty creepy, but it’s attention getting. However, it’s not quite as bad (maybe) as some of the worst commercials of this holiday season….


Take, for instance, probably the #1 worst commercial this year. Yep, you guessed it – Kmart’s version of Jingle Bells:



This, for me, was the all time worst commercial. I had to look away or change the channel whenever it was on. Unlike the Old Spice commercial, this one goes beyond quirky or creepy – it’s just too much.


The other notable bad commercial that had people buzzing this holiday season was for Honda. When you think of Honda, what comes to your mind first? Michael Bolton? I thought so! Apparently so did the advertisers who created this commercial, which a Marketing Manager who blogged about this believes that this commercial “was the number one cause of depression in America today.”



What are some of your other favorite worst commercials for this holiday season? Join in the conversation and weigh in on the worst commercial of the season!



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