Customer Feedback Gone Wrong: What Message Are You Sending?





No words needed…..


This is a sad state of affairs – this was recently seen by a colleague on a road trip. I forgot to ask, but it appears that this was in a restroom. For feedback. And it’s empty.


What message does this send to customers? “We want to know what you think?” “Please share your feedback with us!” “We care about your opinions, really!”


Not likely any of the above. It sends a message that customer feedback is on the back burner. Sure, they may really want to know – after all, they took the time to put up this display and at one time it likely housed survey forms – but it’s just not a priority. At least not today.


Customers want to be heard, and seeing this will tell them that you really don’t want to hear them, even if that’s not the message you intend to send.


If your company is still relying on paper surveys, make sure that the display is visible, well stocked, and sends the message that you really want to hear the voice of the customer. Better yet, keep the paper surveys and include other options for providing feedback – website forms, toll free numbers to call, reviewing and reacting to comments on social media sites.


Customer service is a big piece of the puzzle, and competition is fierce. If customers do not feel valued, they will go elsewhere. Don’t let that happen!


The above image is just a reminder to keep your customers in the front of your business, and make sure you’re sending the right message.


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