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From Unicorns to UFO’s: Internet Searches by State


From time to time, statistics come out about most searched for terms on Google and other search engines. Last week, Estately, an online real estate search site published an article detailing the most searched for terms by state, with a quirky analysis to accompany the most popular search terms.


google by state



You can read the article in its entirety to see what each state’s popular search terms are, but some of my favorites include:


  • COLORADO:  CrossFit / Marijuana / Paleo Diet / Rocky Mountain Oysters / Tim Tebow

               Analysis:  Nobody jumps on the latest trends like Colorado.


  • MISSOURI:  Family Circus (comic) / Nelly (rapper)

               Analysis:  Missouri’s wifi must have gone out sometime in 2002. 


  • NORTH CAROLINA:  Barbecue / Charles Barkley’s Golf Swing / White Snake (band) / Your Mama Jokes

               Analysis: People are just having a real nice time on the internet in ol’ North                 Carolina


  • OREGON:  Allah / Sex / Spork

    Analysis:  Somebody needs to go and check on Oregon.


  • WYOMING:  Ann Coulter / The Constitution / Crank / Rush Limbaugh / Sheep / Socialism

    Analysis:  Not a fun state to be a liberal alpaca farmer.