Video Series: Solution To Reduced Staff & Customer Assistance


With retailers facing reduced staffing resources, it’s important to make sure customer satisfaction levels stay high. Showrooming is also another real concern – if customers are browsing in your stores and can’t get the help and/or products they need, they will turn to online companies or your direct competitors.


One solution to this challenge is utilizing a Customer Engagement Console – we recently launched a video series on this newest service offering, as it has many capabilities and uses. If you missed the first segment, you can find it in the original posting.


The second installment of the series focuses on this very challenge – how to keep service levels strong while facing staff reduction. The Customer Engagement Console can serve as a virtual assistant. Place it in high traffic areas near products or services that may require assistance to choose the product specific to a need, and a series of questions can guide customers to the correct product without any sales staff needed!


Take a look at the latest video in our series, and be sure to check back often for new releases!



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