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Tips to Help The Indecisive Customer


Last time I posted findings from research looking at reasons why customers do not make a purchase. In that study, it talked about the importance of having knowledgeable employees readily available to assist customers. When this happens, especially for the indecisive customer, they are more likely to


  • Make a purchase
  • Purchase more than they intended to prior to visiting
  • Become a repeat customer


It seems so simple – have enough staff who are well versed in your products and services available at all times. But, the reality is not as simple. Staffing has been diminished compared to years past for economic reasons, and staff turnover, especially at big box type retailers, can be common.
Based on the findings from this research, the indecisive customer is the one that needs special attention. The statistics show that


  • 90% are likely to make a purchase
  • 85% will buy more if they are helped by a knowledgeable associate
  • 84% will leave more satisfied, resulting in future visits


How can you ensure that customers are getting what they need, especially those that come in uncertain about what to purchase?


1. Maintain adequate staffing: reducing staff in order to keep costs down seems efficient. The mantra “do more with less” has become commonplace in the last several years, but this practice could end up costing the business in sales.


2. Provide adequate training: this is not only training within their department or area of work, but also provide some behavioral training so that employees are in tune with what an indecisive shopper might look like. They may not always actively seek help; knowing what signs to look for as customers browse can help employees be proactive in offering help, further enhancing this customer’s experience.


3. When you’re short on staff, go with the next best thing:¬†Interactive consumer engagement tablets are starting to emerge in many retailers and restaurants. These tables can be placed in high traffic areas to provide information, product selection help, and other valuable information. While it doesn’t always replace an associate, it’s a cost effective option that will allow customers a self-serve option that can be very effective in helping indecisive customers.


A sufficient number of available, knowledgeable staff is key to keeping customers satisfied – finding ways to make sure this is readily available across your locations will go a long way in maintaining a strong customer experience.