The #1 Time Waster At Work


Bet you’re thinking it’s social media and/or internet surfing, right?


According to a recent study, not so much.


The biggest time waster, as deemed so by respondents of a recent survey, indicated that chatting with coworkers took up their time, followed by computer issues and meetings, and lastly by internet surfing.


The infographic below looks at what waste employee’s time. It’s interesting to note the statistics on meetings – 37% believe that half of their time is wasted in meetings. This is further perpetuated by the statistics on how people spend their time in meetings, with significant percentages reporting that they are daydreaming, doing other work, or skipping the meetings all together.


Social media can’t take the blame according to this study. It appears that employees are less involved in online activities than we are led to believe during work hours. Take a look at the infographic to see where your thoughts fall into line with the study before the new work week starts.



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