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Walgreens Goes Back to College


Businesses realize the importance of great employees for their bottom line, and it looks like Walgreens is stepping it up to ensure that they have best in class staff.


The company recently launched “Walgreens University,” a corporate training program that hopes to enhance the entire culture for this drug store retailer.


The goal is to¬†“lead its industry in classroom and online programming that engages, educates and develops team members for rewarding long-term careers.” With over 100 courses available as well as a technologically advanced facility featuring a mock drug store, and potential for college credits for those who attend, the concept is slated to be highly successful.


This is an interesting development – Walgreens is seeing the value of investing money – and this is a significant spend – on their employees, knowing that it all starts with their front line.


McDonald’s offers a similar program, called “Hamburger Univeristy,” that has been in existence for some time now and also offers high level training and focus on the customer experience.


Not all companies can afford this, of course, but it’s something to consider. Take a look at your company’s budget and try to find unique, cost effective ways of more effectively educating and training your staff to ensure that your service levels remain strong. It doesn’t have to be a dedicated training facility; enhanced training programs and techniques will prove successful as well.