Sprint Goes Old-Fashioned


I have been a Sprint customer for a few years now, and got quite the surprise a couple of weeks ago…..


I was checking the mail with my young son, and he handed me an envelope that was addressed to me. Hand written envelope, but no return address. As I am still sometimes five years old, I surmised as to who it could be from (rather than just open it and find out). I saw the post mark was from out of state, and I didn’t recognize the handwriting. It was the size of an invitation, so I thought for a second to see if I could come up with any possibilities of what was inside.


After a few moments and coming up empty, I gave in an opened the envelope. It was a simple thank you card, with the front bearing the Sprint logo. Even more to my surprise was a HAND WRITTEN note from a Sprint representative, simply thanking me for being a customer.


I stared at the card for some time, partly in awe. There was no reason to send it; I hadn’t been unhappy with the service or called to complain. There was no sales pitch, discount, or marketing material enclosed. Just a simple, hand written thank you card.


What a nice surprise on a Monday! More companies should go old fashioned and periodically thank their customers, just for being a customer.


Way to go, Sprint!


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