Quick Tip: Use Call Center To Generate Social Media Content


Companies who engage in social media sometimes struggle for content – of course you don’t want to continually self-promote, but what else can you do?


One trend I’ve seen a couple of companies use not only provides information to customers who are engaged in a company’s social media program, but can also help with customer service.  Simply put, it appears as though companies will take a look at call center data, specifically what type of questions are coming in during a particular day or week, and provide that information on their social media sites.


One company Tweeted: “We’ve noticed a high call volume this week related to questions about our new mobile app. Here is some information on the app and how to use it.”


I thought it was great that they used the data to make the most of their social media content. This is a good tip to consider when creating social media content – evaluate your consumer touchpoints, specifically the questions and concerns posted online, via customer feedback channels, and call center/chat conversations, to see what topics are trending. From there, create content around these topics. It’s likely that if there are many similar calls or questions surrounding a specific topic or product/service, others who are not calling/inquiring may need the same information.


This also shows social media users that the company is in tune with what their customers need and that they are truly listening.


This is a win-win situation in that you have content to work with and you demonstrate excellent customer service to the public.



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