Move Over Coca Cola, Snickers Has Upped The Game


Coke drinkers have responded positively to the company’s “Share a Coke” campaign – pictures have been posted across social sites showing users with Coke bottles depicting their names, or sharing images with friends’ names. This has been an effective marketing tool, and other brands have taken notice.


Snicker’s recently launched a new campaign, and they are changing the packaging on their candy bars. It seems they are following Coca Cola’s lead, but making it even more fun.



snickers 2


With fun new packaging highlighting adjectives to describe people, Snickers is fleshing out its “Who are you when you’re hungry” messaging – customers can now share a Snickers in a fun, new way, much like Coca Cola did, but in a more generic, fun way.


Strong branding allows companies such as Snickers and Coca Cola to try these new tactics while still making it simple for consumers to define the brand.


Let’s see how well this campaign takes off, and if it’s more successful than “Share a Coke” is.




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