JC Penney Keeps Plugging Away – First Apple, Now Kraft


I have been keeping tabs on this company since they started their one low price campaign a while back, in an attempt to reinvent themselves and gain business back in their stores.


The company has had a tough road, but they don’t give up. Their latest move, which was announced earlier this week, involved filling a long-vacant position in hopes of regaining traction in the retail world.


Debra Berman is a former Vice President of Marketing and Strategy for Kraft and was brought to JC Penney to head the marketing efforts. This position has remained empty for just over a year now, so it is a much needed position given all that is happening.


Debra has big shoes to fill and her work is cut out for her. From the debacle of the “everyday low price” fiasco to going back to sales, it’s time to rethink the company’s marketing strategy and start fresh.


Consumer perception is not very positive overall. The report last month that was released showing that employees came out to tell news outlets that, when the company went back to sales prices, they raised regular prices in an attempt to make consumers believe they were getting deals, did not help matters any.


I’ve always liked this company, and thought their first move in doing away with sales was risky but could change things for the positive. However, their stumblings through trying to deal with the fall out and once again reinventing (or reverting) their image were very public and has fallen under a lot of criticism. I’m rooting for the company and hope with the marketing position being filled, the company can regain its standing in the industry and come out stronger. They keep plugging away and I hope for the best for them!


I am looking forward to keeping tabs on the company to see if this newest hire can make a difference and get the company back on its feet.



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