How Do You Include Your Employees?


Employees want to feel valued in their work, and they often times have great ideas to share. How does your company work to make sure your employees are heard and valued? Is your company’s communication the best that it can be?


I heard a great idea that one company does to make sure all employees are “kept in the loop” and their ideas are shared across the board. There is a retail location that keeps an employee log – after each shift, employees are responsible for writing a summary of any issues that came up during their shift, such as register issues, problem customers, issues between employees, etc. They can also share ideas in this log.


At the beginning of each shift, there is a quick meeting with the staff to review the day before’s log so issues can be resolved and discussed. Employees are rewarded for great things that happen and any upcoming events or ideas are shared.


Employees report that this is a great way to communicate and they feel as though they are a part of the company operations. I can imagine that employee morale is higher than it might be at other companies.


What does your company do to make employees feel valued and a part of the team? I’d love to hear your ideas!


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