How Can You Get More From Your Feedback?



There is one very simple way to get even more from your customer feedback surveys – it can give you ideas, and assist in creating ready-made, authentic content for your marketing efforts.

Many feedback surveys offer a space for customers to provide comments regarding their experience with the company. By adding a simple disclaimer, those comments can become material to incorporate in future marketing efforts.

I’m seeing this more often when taking surveys as a customer; the simplest disclaimer with an offer to opt in, serves as a great way to curate content. Take a look at the examples below:

Let them know their words may be used: a restaurant offers optional space for customers to provide comments, and is sure to include the following statement:

The fine print: We reserve the right to use your comments to improve the restaurants or quote you to share the love.

This is a little vague, though it does inform customers that their comments may be used to “share the love.” There is not an opt in (or opt out) feature, so it may prohibit customers from providing this extra detail. It’s a great start, but not ideal.

Make it clear, and let them decide: the example below is perfect. It discloses that the comments provided may be used by the company, allows customers to opt in (or not), and offers a link to the terms & conditions.

feedback auth

Marketing has become challenging, and research points to the fact that customer reviews and word of mouth have more weight than company driven information. By taking this additional step in the feedback process, companies can easily and effortlessly collect this type of information to enhance current marketing efforts.


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