Hold The Paper Please! Healthcare & Customer Feedback


Or any industry still using paper surveys.


With three kids, it’s typical to visit the doctor’s office somewhat frequently, especially before school starts. It’s physical time, and when a parent loses track of time, this sometimes means it’s off to a quick clinic within a drug or grocery store.


I recently had this experience myself. When visiting a quick clinic for my child’s sports physical. As we were going into the first room, I noticed the practitioner handing a paper survey to the last patient. He asked her to fill it out before she left, as paper surveys never tend to make it back to them.


I had heard of a similar experience when a family member was discharged from the hospital. He was asked to complete a paper survey to share feedback on the experience.


I thought that I can understand why they want patients to provide feedback while they are still in the moment, but doing so in paper format can be downright painful, especially in the case of a hospital stay when the form can be long and a recovering patient may not be up to the task.


This is where it would be useful and much more efficient to transfer to a tablet based survey – imagine how easy it would be to hand a tablet to a patient to get the same feedback. It can be less time consuming, as answering questions will be a few taps and there is the ability to capture voice sentiments, which reduces the time spent writing out answers to open ended questions.


With all of the technology that is available, it’s a good time to start taking advantage of what’s available, making it easier on patients (and customers) while continuing to get feedback while the experience is fresh in their minds.



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