Do You Work With Millennials? What You Need to Know



The Millennials are full force in the workplace, and are putting a new spin on things. I’m sure you’ve read many articles talking about the differences in these employees versus older staff, and their work ethic and way they do things has been under great scrutiny.


In working with this generation, I have noticed many differences in the way they work, take on tasks, and view employment. I see even more of a shift with the teenage set as they prepare to join the workforce, and wonder how things will change. It can be challenging to get used to working with the younger set, but an article was recently published to discuss 10 myths surrounding the Millennials. You can read the article in its entirety, but below I wanted to point out some of the highlights:


1. “Social media is not a career”: If any generation understands the power and importance of social media, it’s this one. Their lives have been consumed by technology, and that’s what they know. This myth is busted – social media is an important part of business, and this group will be the ones to make it a long term, relevant part of any company.


2. “We should get our butts kicked”: I agree with this article in that this generation, for the most part, has grown up under the “everyone’s a winner” umbrella. With that seems to come a sense of entitlement or lack of concern for going the extra mile. I’ve seen it in many cases – employees who do what they have to do and nothing more, and when a problem arises, not always being completely resourceful in trying to find a solution on their own. While the article states that performance reviews are important to this generation, they are not the be all, end all. Not that they should be, but if they get a lower than expected review, it may rock their world if they’re not used to criticism, and they may not have the ability to look at it as “Hey, what can I do to do better?”


3. “We should pick up the phone”: I agree with this one. The article suggests that this generation is more comfortable engaging with others online, whether it’s via email or social media. They also feel like they can get more done in less time. I agree with this, perhaps because our company is very internet based and the majority of our communication is via email. That being said, it’s always nice to pick up a phone and connect with colleagues and clients from time to time. Finding a good balance will help the generations work toward the same goal.


You can read the 10 Millennial Myths to see what else they are thinking with regard to employment, careers, etc. If you’re a Millennial, we’d love to hear from you! If you’re from a previous generation, please share your thoughts on working with this generation and what your experience has been. They are taking the workplace by storm, so the quicker we can all understand each other and work side by side, the better it will be!



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