Bad Customer Service on Purpose? If You’re From Chicago, You Get It

Imagine going out to eat with your family, and this is the interaction with your server:



If you’re from the Chicago area or have visited, you may recognize this restaurant. Ed Debevic’s was a Chicagoland staple for the last 31 years. Known for their 50’s style diner and rude service, it was a well known establishment. The restaurant tried a second location in the suburbs several years ago, but it closed after being open only a short time.


Recently, the restaurant announced plans for closing, but state that they will “eventually” reopen at a different location. This remains to be seen, as currently there are no known relocation plans and they are now officially “on vacation.”


With customer service being such a focal point for consumers these days, it’s interesting that a restaurant such as this one was a big hit with locals and tourists. Is their closing a sign of the times, or just a well deserved break? Only time will tell.




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